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Helsinki, Finland

Säie Pavilion

completion 2015


Säie pavilion(サイェ・パビリオン)はワークショップや休憩スペースとして建設されました。曲げとひねった木材により、複雑な格子状の空間と様々な活動を行うためのスペースができあがりました。この複雑な形状は、高品質のパイン材をCNCで加工された白樺の合板のジョイントで固定することで実現しています。


This project was a part of Wood Program/Aalto University 2014-2015. Hiroko Mori won the competition of the pavilion design and her design has been chosen and built.

The Säie pavilion was designed to provide a covered space for workshops, lectures and lounging in the center of the city. It uses bent and twisted wooden elements to create an intricate lattice-work of structure and a welcoming canopy for a variety of activities. The complex geometry of the building is achieved by bending high quality pine and fixing it together using joints of CNC-cut birch plywood.

The pavilion was initially built in the courtyard of the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki. The following year, the structure was moved to its permanent location in the main square of the city of Tuusula, opposite the town hall.

Photo credit: Kimmo Räisänen and Hiroko Mori

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