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[ 工作と建築 ]

on going project

[ 工作 と 建築 ]とは、工作よりもちょっと複雑で、建築よりも身近な、工作と建築のあいだを探究していくプロジェクトです。子どもから大人まで、身近な材料や道具の使い方を学び、つくりやすいけれど日常的に使える、工作と建築のあいだにあるものを製作しながら、「つくる」技術を身につけていきます。



​北海道・恵庭に拠点を置く、大工・建築家・デザイナーのGEN COMPANY 村上智彦氏とのコラボレーションプロジェクトです。

[ 工作 と 建築 ]"Kousaku to Kenchiku(Handwork and Architecture)" is an educational project which we explore between handwork and architecture. It's a little bit more complicated than handwork and more familier than architecture. From children to adults, people can master "making" skills through making something between handwork and architecture which we can use daily and we can make easily by using familiar materials and tools.

We will archive what we explore between handwork and architecture and how to make them on Instagram. In addition we will hold occasions to make them and learn them actually and also we will create the place itself where people can learn.

This is a collaboration project with Tomohiko Murakami/GEN COMPANY Carpenter/Architect/Designer in Eniwa, Hokkaido, Japan.

[ 工作 と 建築 ]Instagram

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